Solar Carport, electric vehicle charging station.


This Solar Carport is one of our popular electric vehicle charging stations for sustainable eMobility that is now easily accessed to purchase online.


Our sustainability market made a request for a cost- and environmentally efficient electric vehicle charging to simplify sustainable eMobility.

A request that we at INNOVENTUM.STORE are happy to meet with several innovative improvements – one of those improvements are digitalization.


Choose our EV products for sustainable neighborhoods.


This solar carport converts sustainable energy from the sun into green clean electricity that is enough to both charge your EV, and lower the cost of either your electricity – while enhancing the grid-stability of your neighborhood.


It is our pleasure to finally introduce a carport with solar cells that has a unique design and is also easy to order online and install with touchless delivery. The mission is to make EV charging easily accessed and beautiful. Our client portfolio includes private home owners, companies that go electric with all company cars as well as NGOs, municipalities, and commercial centers.


Technical information about your Solar Carport.


Solar carports provide valuable shade and shelter to the parking lot while generating clean energy for reduced electricity costs, making charging of electrical vehicles green and renewable.


InnoVentum´s Solar Carports continue the long tradition of beautiful and ecological design as our EV charging solutions all use wood as supporting structure for the solar panel modules. The scalability of this innovative and unique carport with solar panels, is from 1 to +10 electric cars, which makes it easy for an eMobility project of any size to be implemented.


InnoVentum has designed, engineered and installed solar carports across diverse geographies, including hurricane plagued wind zones and seismic zones.

InnoVentum’s EV charging station Solar Carport, has been designed according to the Eurocode regulations in response to all requirements for safety and stability.

This product comes in 2 versions:

  • Standard: snow loads < 200kg / m2
  • Arctic: snow loads > 200kg / m2


Designed by InnoVentum Sweden and always fabricated in Europe, the structure is made of wood with gracefully curved post shaped. The legs were designed to facilitate ease of maneuvering when parking and opening doors.


Solar panels from LG, our global partner


We offer solar panel power from 245 to 327 Wp and have the resources to design a solution that meets the energy needs of every customer. The product can be ordered online with on- or off-grid configuration. The annual electricity production (configuration: two electric cars) is 8500 kWh. The rated power of the 24 PV panels is 335 Wp. A performance configuration with yet higher energy production will be offered soon.


Further technical details.


  • InnoVentum’s carports can be supplied with single or double head charging points from Tesla.
  • Convenient electric car charging with charging power in the range of 1.4kW – 22kW (1-phase 6A up to 3-phase 32A)
  • User friendly EV charger up to 22kW
  • Built-in fuse and RCD
  • Maintenance-free design


To optimize installation time and minimize negative impact on the ground, the Solar Carports use ground screws as foundation instead of concrete. No excavation is required – less digging – dig that!


Sustainable installation of your electric vehicle charging station from InnoVentum.


The footprint required to install our 2-EV Solar Carport is 6.4 x 4.5 m. The product has a screw foundation instead of a traditional cconcrete foundations to reduce CO2 emissions. This means that your carport with solar cells is screwed into the ground and is completed in just a few hours. A cemented foundation takes several days or weeks to complete because the mass needs to be hardened.

Screw foundations are our first choice in all of our installations. Since this alternative produces 7 times less CO2 emissions, compared to a cemented foundation, it is natural for us to use this method in our installations. Other positive factors with a screw foundation are saving of water, and no waiting time during curing.


EV charging station ready for online order.


INNOVENTUM.STORE offers all the support you need after your purchase. We will guide you all the way from your order to the installation of your product. You can expect smooth and safe payments, swift delivery and chose touchless installation if you wish.


Going back in time by producing your own electricity, through solar and wind.


Produce your own electricity and charge your car at the same time. Green, renewable and simple! As previously mentioned, this unit can be combined and expand the installation up to 10, or more electric cars. The surplus of the solar cells, can then be used to lower you electricity bill. It is a fact that solar is cheaper and more sustainable than traditional electricity. Win-win, both for you and for the sustainability of our environment!


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Buying solar- and wind power is a popular act for our planet as more reports on our environmental impact come to our attention. It is important to take a stand and choose the actions that benefit both us and our surroundings in a sustainable way. InnoVentum is passionate about making these choices easy for you and for our environment.

By digitizing the sales of our design award-winning, innovative and appreciated products, we give you a pleasant and touchless buyers’ journey. A purchase that both feels and does good.


Renewable electric vehicle charging and materials in our products.


Additional to solar panels that combine sustainability with functionality and aesthetics – we are proud to be the only supplier of small-scale renewable energy and EV charging stations that offer wooden towers.


Solar Carport

PriceFrom €22,000.00